This is a truly wonderful daycare. The thing that really sets it apart from others is that the owner, Angelica, and the teachers all genuinely love and care about the children. The children are always safe, well loved, and have a great time. Our 18 month just absolutely loves it here (she’s always talking about how she wants to go to school in the mornings), and we will send our next baby here as well. I highly recommend Kids House!
Our son had never attended daycare. I had an immense amount of anxiety about making the transition at 10 months old and the effect on his happiness. All of our concerns were immediately addressed when we chose the Kids House to care for our little guy. We have found the staff at the Kids House to be very loving and caring. It took a little time for the kiddo to get use to the idea of being away from us but the Kid House Team was patient and engaging. Now, he looks forward to going to daycare and gives his teacher the biggest cuddle on the way out.
My daughter has been attending The Kids House since she was four months old and is currently two. Ms. Angelica and her staff do an exceptional job of taking care of her. They are diligent in implementing a schedule, creating enriched lesson plans and securing a safe environment for all of the children. Monthly lesson plans are sent out in the parents in advance so we are able to work with our children at home as well. My daughter continues to grow everyday. I highly recommend The Kids House for their loving nature in working with children through a play-based center!
I can’t say enough good things about the owner Ms. Angelica and the daycare. Her program lets kids be kids in a safe and loving environment. She is kind, extremely patient and very responsive to parent needs. She has become like a second mother to my children and she loves them like her own. We feel so lucky to have found such an amazing program.
Angelica has been amazing and so are all of her co-workers! My daughter loves it there! Rachel
Angelica was the nanny for our daughter for over two years. She was excellent. I woul highly recommend this day care because Angelica fantastic!! My daughter speaks Spanish and English because Angelica was perfect with her first few years. I wish I was still living in DC, if I was my daughter would be attending this day care.
Couldn't have asked for a better daycare! My 1-year old runs around speaking both English and Spanish, it is amazing!
Best day care in kensington area I
This is a fun place for kids!!
my kids are going there , since the day care was open, and im so glad to find such a magical place for my kid and always happy about going every morning and doesnt want to leave either it means alot as a mother knwing that your kid is been well taking care of
Highly recommended day care. Currently have my child assisting there and is a great environment. It gives my kid a boost of confidence for the next coming up years.
i couldn't have a better place for my kids to learn different languages. Ms Angelicas is so lovely and caring that i wholehearted trust leaving my kids on this excellent place.
Amazing place for the kids to learn and have fun at the same time 110% recommended
There's no better feeling than knowing that your child is being lovingly taken care of. I highly recommend this place, the teachers is really committed to the kids.
Very caring and dedicated teacher. There are also really nice playing areas both indoors and outdoors.
The teacher angelica Nieto is the most inspiring person I ever met. She has what it takes to care kids an experience mother of three lovely kind and patient. I will always support and trust this place wholeheartedly.
As a father, I highly recommend this place. The teacher inspired my little girl and is learning Spanish and English that's why I like the most.
Great place for kids.